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Our UltraSlim treatment in Madison uses non-invasive technology and offers a red light to help reduce the fat and shed it faster than other traditional and non-traditional methods. If you are done with diets, workout plans, and other weight loss programs that seem to constantly fail, it's time you try a program that will work! Call us today at Ultraslim Spa or schedule an appointment online, for a free consultation today to learn more about our incredible devices and their benefits. We have convenient locations to serve you in Madison, AL, and Oxford, MS.

We understand how tricky losing weight can be, from diets to calorie deficits, workout regime plans that fall through to removing gluten from your eating plans. You may feel like you have tried everything, and seen little to no results or results that do not last long. Stop struggling with weight loss plans that won’t give you the end result you are hoping for, and instead try the UltraSlim Treatment. Our proven results and patient reviews show our treatment works and will give you results today.

Frequently asked questions about UltraSlim in Madison

How does UltraSlim work?

UltraSlim is a non-invasive weight loss treatment that helps with losing inches of fat easily and quickly. The non-invasive treatment offers a specialty red light therapy to unlock your fat cells while letting the fatty acids and triglycerides safely exit and pass through the body.

This innovative and advanced technology offers painless treatments with no downtime, helping you kick start your weight loss progress and feel great faster.

What Results should I expect?

UltraSlim Spa has helped numerous clients lose weight, regain their active lifestyle, and get back into their favorite activities again, all without the need for surgery. Our UltraSlim® non-invasive program uses advanced technology with whole-body solutions to help you lose weight fast. We are thrilled to share our success with you!

You can expect to see results immediately from our UltraSlim® program! Other results you should expect to see include:

  • Immediate fat reduction
    Many of our patients have seen to lose an average of 2” from their waist, hips, and thighs in the 32-minute treatment
  • We don’t believe in diets
    UltraSlim® can stand on its own, it does not need any diets or other programs to show the immediate results from our non-invasive treatment
  • Safest fat reduction device available
    UltraSlim® is one of the safest bodies contouring devices available on the market today, with zero side effects and no downtime
  • Younger looking skin
    UltraSlim® offers our patients the ability to make their skin look 10 to 15 years younger by increasing the natural production of collagen and elasticity in their body to help tighten their skin
  • FDA Cleared treatment that works
    UltraSlim® is the ONLY FDA-cleared treatment available for immediate fat reduction.

What does the treatment feel like?

Our UltraSlim treatment is non-invasive and is done on the outside of the body with innovative advanced technology. During your appointment, you will feel a slightly warm and very pleasant feeling from the machine we use during the appointment. The red light that is used is positioned over the area that will be worked on, several inches away, never touching you during the appointment. Many of our patients have even fallen asleep during their treatments due to how relaxing and calming the treatment is.

The treatment is completed before you know it, and you are on your way to seeing the results sooner!

How many treatments will I need?

Each patient’s goal is different, which means each treatment option you may be looking for will be different from the others. This is why we offer incredible treatment packages to help you reach your goal faster, at UltraSlim Spa, we have an incredible offer of 8 treatments for $1,995; if you are looking to get rid of fat and see your goals being reached sooner, this is the package for you!

The UltraSlim program is an incredible program great for almost anyone looking to get rid of stubborn fat and lose the extra weight that you can’t seem to get rid of. UltraSlim® offers an easy method to help you get the body you deserve with our non-invasive and effective program.

Our UltraSlim program offers no dieting, no exercise, no drugs, no surgery, no pain or discomfort during the treatment with no downtime. Get results today and see why our patients are talking so highly about our program! We serve patients from Oxford MS, Madison AL, Altus MS, Taylor MS, Abbeville MS, Capshaw MS, Redstone Arsenal MS, Triana MS, and Mooresville AL.

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